Mind, Body, Sales, Vegas!

STOP going to workshops that have you sit like a veal all day and fill you up with stale old sales cliches! START getting LEAN and MEAN in your approach to Senior Care Sales & Marketing. FINALLY someone has gotten it right when it comes to how to train and motivate Senior Care sales professionals. Our Senior Care Sales Workout! is a Mind, Body, Sales experience like no other. Kick off the day with a mini yoga or exercise class right in the meeting room with experienced instructors! Wear your best and favorite workout clothes since we're planning to workout your "sales muscles". Eat healthy meals and snacks along the way. Get BIG, STRONG, LEAN sales coaching during this fabulous 2 day event t

Now Register By Mail!

Over the last year we've heard from a number of people who don't like to register online for workshops and webinars. We heard you! Now you can register for our Senior Care Marketing Accelerator or Senior Care Complete 2 Day Workshop by mail! Just visit the page, download the registration form and email or mail it back to us. Easy! Please, keep letting us know how we can better serve you by emailing Michael. Thanks!

New Workshop For All Senior Care Providers

Make plans on March 18-19 to join Michael Giudicissi at our all new Senior Care Complete 2 Day Workshop in Arlington, TX. Finally ALF and SNF marketing reps can benefit from the same great training that home health, hospice, and private duty providers have been getting for the past 13 years! Now everyone is welcome and everyone benefits from our powerful training. If you are a sales rep, manager, or owner who is seeking growth through your sales and marketing team, THIS is the training to attend. Early registration price is only $499 per person until March 1st. Discounts are available for agencies sending 3 or more attendees. For discounted registrations please call us at 1-833-POWER31. You

Monday Marketing Must Do #62

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Harden up While teaching a seminar last week to a wonderful group of salespeople, one of the participants said "I do ask for referrals, but I might be too soft about it". A common issue....but easily fixed. Imagine you were going to ask the one you love to marry you. You have a choice of A or B....which one are you going to ask? A. I kind of, like, really love you and stuff, and I was just wondering, if, like, maybe you might think about, ,kind of, I don't know, maybe, we should, you know, ummmmm, kind of, get married? B. I love you completely. I want to spend the rest of my life with you as my partner. I would be honored and amazed if you woul

Monday Marketing Must Do #61

8am: Read this newsletter 8:15am: Play Ball! It's fitting that MMMD #61 focuses on a baseball analogy since the chase to 61 home runs captivated the country back in 1961. Sales call - Strike 1 Sales call - Strike 2 Sales call - Strike 3! You're out... This week I want you to look at every account on your list where you have: 1. Made 3 sales/marketing calls in the past 2 months and 2. Made no progress in generating referrals or significantly moving the relationship forward. In other words, accounts where you have struck out. There is no sense in continuing the same course of action with these accounts because the longer you go with making no progress, the more likely you are to NEVER make pro

Monday Marketing Must Do #60

Do You Want More Referrals - Guaranteed? Register for our next Home Care Marketing Accelerator Program starting on January 23rd and get ALL of the training to grow your agency's referrals! Register Today It's COLD outside, but it will be warm in Fort Lauderdale on February 27-28. Home Care Complete 2 Day Sales Workshop in conjunction with HCAF Get the details and Register Today! Now onto the Monday Marketing Must Do Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:30am: Sell something else! For a moment....let's assume you are a NASCAR driver. You know, those guys and girls that go around in circles making left turns at 200mph. It's a challenging and dangerous job piloting a race car at that speed

Monday Marketing Must Do #59

No Travel - No Hotels - No Cancelled Flights Great Homecare Specific Sales Training In YOUR Office For Your Entire Team! January 23, 2019 - Home Care Marketing 10 Week Webinar Training Workshop 10 weeks of step by step guided sales training for your entire team in your office for one low price! REGISTER TODAY! Home Care Complete Sales Workshop - Fort Lauderdale, FL February 27-28 Everyone Welcome! In conjunction with the Home Care Association of Florida REGISTER TODAY! Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: SPRINT!!! Welcome to the first full week of 2019! I hope you all enjoyed your break over the holidays and have come back rested, relaxed, and ready to win this year. As we often

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