Monday Marketing Must Do #36

Upcoming Sales Training August 16 - 5 week webinar program "The 5 Traps That Are Holding You Back From Greatness". This program is for established sales reps that are getting good results, but can't seem to break the barrier to great results. Each week I'll walk you through a key "trap" that could be holding you back, and show you how to fix it! REGISTER TODAY! August 22 - Our next 10 week "Home Care Marketing Accelerator" program is BACK and better than ever as we teach our new Momentum 20 Selling Strategy. Momentum 20 is a step by step program that gets more results, more referrals, and a larger census! 10 weekly live webinars with homework each week to build a powerful, professional sales

Monday Marketing Must Do #35

New & Noteworthy 5 Traps Webinar Program Launched! We introduced our new, advanced 5 Traps Holding You Back From Explosive Sales last week in a live seminar in Coconut Creek, FL. The response was so positive that we're bringing this powerful training to YOU, wherever you are. We are proud to introduce our new 5 Traps Webinar series. This 5 week live webinar program helps good reps eliminate the traps they are stuck in that prevent explosive sales growth. These are the very same traps that I personally coach my clients out of during our one on one coaching. The first class begins on August 16th, so check out the details and register today. Onsite Training Gives Your Team The Edge Late summer/

Monday Marketing Must Do #34

New & Noteworthy!! - AVOID THE 5 TRAPS THAT PREVENT GOOD SALES REPS FROM BEING GREAT! That's right, our Advanced Behavioral Sales Training in Coconut Creek, FL is THIS WEEK on July 19th. If you're good, I'll show you the 5 things you're doing that prevent you from being GREAT! There is still time to register. Satisfaction guaranteed or your MONEY BACK!! - MOMENTUM 20 SELLING IS ALL THE RAGE! That's right, we are fully transitioned over to our new Momentum 20 Selling Strategy effective this week! We're working with a client in FL to teach them the strategy that gets more referrals than anything else in the industry! YOU can learn it too, via our 10 Week Home Care Accelerator Webinar Program

Monday Marketing Must Do #33

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Do the math Your sales have grown...yes? They should have if you're following each week's tips and advice. Your referrals should steadily be growing along with your confidence, closing ability, and success ratio. Great! Now what? Now, during what might be a slight lull in the action, it's time to set some concrete goals. Good things happen sometimes without a goal, good things happen many times with a goal, great things happen often with a goal and a plan. It's time to have a goal and a plan. Since you have just finished up your bi annual requalifying, it's time to use that key info to set a referral growth goal for each of your Top 20 accounts

Monday Marketing Must Do #32

Monday 8am: Read This Newsletter Monday 8:15am: Check your thumb New Rule of Thumb for home care sales. This week's Must Do is short, sweet, and simple. You know those thick glossy pieces of paper you have? They are colorful, and folded to make 3 equal pieces? Yes...your brochures. Keep those in mind. You know that beautiful digital destination your company has created? It pops up on screen at the push of the "enter" key? It looks great and has lots of nice areas to click on to take you to other information? Yes....your website. Those are wonderful marketing tools. They will not sell for you. So, if you want each of your sales calls to be powerful, informational, and impactful follow this Ne

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