Monday Marketing Must Do #31

Monday 8am: - Read this newsletter Monday 9am - Friday 4pm - RE Qualify! I know this won't be a surprise for you, since you read newsletter #28, but to refresh your memory, this is one of 2 key requalifying weeks of the year. I won't belabor the point of how important it is, so before the holiday week sets in, get to it. I realize you'll need to take care of other scheduled business, so for this week only, you may combine sales calls into more than 1 specific purpose. If you had a follow up call on referrals from last week planned, go ahead and make it, but also get your qualifying questions answered or, set up another brief appointment later in the week for that purpose. Always remember my

Monday Marketing Must Do #30

Monday 8:am - Read This Newsletter Monday 8:15am - Reschedule EVERYTHING! First order of business, we have new training seminars! That's right, our new and improved Momentum 20 Selling Strategy will come to you in 3 powerful one day seminars in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. First up is Dallas on November 1st. You can find out all of the dates and register at our seminars page. This is the greatest marriage of the two most powerful selling strategies in the home care industry, only brought to you by Power Shot Training. Now, onto this week's Must Do. You've had appointments with key referral people and decision makers. You scheduled them in advance, prepared yourself to put on a great prese

Monday Marketing Must Do #29

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:30am: Get out of your own way What are you doing to impede your success? Even if you're 90% effective, what are the 10% of things you are doing that are holding you back? It's time for what I like to call "brutal honesty". It's time to be totally clean and clear with yourself so that we can accelerate your sales performance. Here's your task: This morning, I want you to sit either with your computer or with pen and paper. I want you to make a complete list of the things you engage in each week. It might look something like this: 1. Make sales calls 2. Answer emails 3. Follow up on referrals 4. Attend health fairs 5. Attend healthcare networking lunch

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