Monday Marketing Must Do #28

Tuesday 8am: Read this newsletter Tuesday 8:15am: Block your calendar Before you get too far into your planning for the month of June, I want you to block the entire last week of the month (June 25-29) and mark it as Re-Qualifying. This is our twice yearly week to check on the information we have on our key referral sources. Why? Things change rapidly in healthcare and you don't want to assume what you knew 6 months ago is still true across the board with your most important accounts. Take the time to find what what (if anything) has changed so you can stay in the prime position to win the most referrals. You can certainly re-qualify all of your accounts if you wish, but definitely your Top

Monday Marketing Must Do #27

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Make vacation plans It's almost upon us. Out west, many schools have their final day of classes this week. The rush of summer vacations is about to be upon us. Now, I hope you get to take a fun vacation this summer to unwind and relax, but today's Must Do is about aligning your vacation plans and those of your key referral sources. People get sick, people have surgery, and yes, some people pass away regardless of the season or calendar. Your key contacts are likely to be taking time off this summer and now is the time to find out what their plans are. While they are away someone must take care of the referral process and you'd like to know now,

Monday Marketing Must Do #26

8am: Read this newsletter 8:15am: Happy Anniversary! We've reached the half year point of the Monday Marketing Must Do...and I've hope you've been with me for the entire ride. If you have, I expect that your sales results have improved. You are generating more referrals on a regular basis from a targeted listing of accounts, and you have eliminated a lot of the accounts and activities that were not generating any return. If for some reason you haven't, here are some things that you should check on....a dashboard if you get yourself on track (all stats are for full time sales personnel) 1. You are making 35-50 quality, face to face sales calls each week. That is, you are seeing peo

Monday Marketing Must Do #25

Monday 8am: Read This Newsletter Monday 8:05am thru Friday 5pm: Tell Me Why Why do you do this job? Money? Benefits? You love sales? You love people? The fame? Whatever your reason, I want to take this week to say a sincere Thank You to each and every one of you. Whether you realize it or not, you are a superhero. You fly around your territory (ok, so maybe you drive), connecting with referral sources to help them understand how and why to make every single referral possible so that you can CHANGE lives, you can IMPROVE lives, and you can SAVE lives. That is nothing short of awesome. Superhero....try that on for size.. I mean it too. Not everyone can do this. There are hundreds of competitor

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