Monday Marketing Must Do #24

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Seek the truth Last week I was on the receiving end of a number of phone calls to my office and mobile phone. The caller first left a voicemail saying their name (let's call him Art Carney just for the heck of it) and that they "wanted to find out more about the services we offer". Ok So, I called back and got the automated voicemail with no name or company. I left a message with my mobile #. Within a short period of time I got a call back while I was already on another call. Again the caller left their name and that they wanted to find out more about the services we offer. They never offered their company name or any other info. I suspected th

Monday Marketing Must Do #23

Tuesday 8am: Read this newsletter Tuesday 8:15am: Treat yourself. Are you tired of being dissed? Tired of referral sources ignoring you or treating you with indifference? What if I told you it was your fault this was happening? In fact, what if I told you that you were actually encouraging this behavior? Hey, hate the message...not the messenger. I was all around the country last week working onsite with 3 different clients. I found myself saying the same thing 3 separate times....a phrase that I've never said, but have always attempted to get across to my students. "Treat yourself like the professional you want to be treated like". Do you do this? Do you treat yourself and your job as a con

Monday Marketing Must Do #22

8am: Read this newsletter 8:15am: Decide on your Plus 1 Hi! I hope your Spring selling season is going fantastically like it is for most of my clients. This week I have an important task for you. When you hunker down and do some real selling (like we've been guiding you to) it's very easy to lose sight of an important healthcare fact. Things change in health care fact, as we speak. So, to make sure you are protecting yourself, your agency, and your account list from becoming stagnant...this week we're going "Plus 1" on every sales call. Every time you make a planned sales call this week, I want you to "Plus 1" it and make a cold/qualifying call nearby. As long as t

Monday Marketing Must Do #21

8am: Read this newsletter 8:15am: Throw out ALL of your marketing material... ....onto the conference table (I hope you read the rest of this sentence before you acted! This week, it's time to take a look at your marketing materials. In order to have an effective and cost efficient marketing program, you'll want to make sure that any marketing materials your agency is using are aligned with what you are saying when you're in the field. Make sense? There is no sense talking about your agency's incredible star rating and then handing out a generic brochure that says nothing about it. It's not memorable that way. If you've come along on our (now) 21 week journey, you are probably saying differe

Monday Marketing Must Do #20 - Here's A Quarter

Monday 8am - Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am - Call someone who cares :-) Congratulations! You've reached the quarter pole of 2018. If you've been on this sales journey with me, you'll remember that one of your key tasks early in January was to set goals for each of the key accounts on your list. We'd be remiss if we didn't check in at the end of Q1 and see how we are doing versus those goals. Today, I want you to pull your results from the first 90 days for each account on your key referral source list. Then, I want you to go back to your monthly projections and compare your results. You can have one of 3 simple outcomes: 1. You have exceeded your goal for that account - Congratulations!

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