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CNAs and Referrals go together like peas and carrots....or at least they should! Join my friends at and me this Thursday March 29 at 2pm EST for a valuable webinar packed full of tips on attracting, recruiting, hiring, and succeeding with the best CNAs and Marketing Reps in the homecare industry. REGISTER TODAY FOR THIS FREE WEBINAR: Winning in 2018: Ten Recruitment & Sales Trends To Take Action On Now You'll learn where to find great CNAs and Marketing Reps, How to properly interview them, how to decide who merely looks good versus who really IS good and much more! Take advantage of this free opportunity to learn from the leading CNA recruiting and placement firm in the countr

Monday Marketing Must Do #19

8am - Read this newsletter 8:15am - Seek The "No" During a sales coaching conversation last week, the discussion drifted toward the average tenure of home care sales reps. What's your guess to how long the average rep lasts in their current role with their current agency? Answer: 6 months.... No, I'm not kidding. So, why is the length of stay so short? Simple, too may reps fear walking through the valley of the shadow of Rejection. When you start a new sales job, there is a long hard slog through accounts and contacts that are programmed to say "no" to you. You will probably go days, maybe even weeks without a "yes". It's no fun, and it's easy to get discouraged..... So, what to do? As Winst

Monday Marketing Must Do #18

Monday 8am - Read This Newsletter Monday 8:15 - Plan 40 Calls Productivity. It's important in every facet of business, including sales. It's time to tune up your sales productivity. Here's what I want you to do: A productive sales rep should be able to make 40 sales calls per week (8 per day on average). So, what I want you to do this morning, before you step foot out of the office, is to plan your entire week of sales calls. Now, you should have been doing this if you're following along with our weekly instructions.....or at very least, you are planning your Top20 account calls. Today I want you to go further. I want your calendar full for the week with planned sales calls. If you already h

Monday Marketing Must Do #17

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am - Check your soles In two separate conversations last week, I discussed with my clients the important of "doing". That is, you can talk about, strategize about, discuss, plan, etc...for anything in your sales process...but the way to get better is by doing. So, your mandate this week is to "burn some shoe leather" and get out there making the kind of sales calls that are challenging you. If you struggle with getting past the gatekeeper, walk into 10 new places and work on talking yourself past the gatekeeper. You'll be better for the experience. If you struggle with qualifyingI(and not turning it into a show up and throw up sales call), qualify

Monday Marketing Must Do #16

Happy Monday! 8am: Read this newsletter 8:30am - Get a shovel and prepare to dig deep. Imagine a world far, far away. A world in which your homecare agency was the only agency in town. A world where you had no competition....just the sweet taste of success, census growth, and improving the lives of a lot more people. Welcome to that world... Your task this week is to review your key account list and pick the 3 accounts which are mostly likely to be under referring certain patient types, or certain diagnosis. Why? Simple....if these sources are missing patients that need care because the referral source doesn't understand WHY they need care, then you will assist them in learning why these pat

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