Monday Marketing Must Do #15

8am: Read this newsletter. 8:15am: ASK Everywhere. You knew this was going to come up again.....I told you it would. This week won't be the last week that I implore you to begin and continue asking directly for referrals in every single sales call (other than your initial qualifying visit). The numbers are well documented. Agencies that do this across their sales force see an immediate 15-25% sales in, right now. Why? Because so many people like you don't ask.....they train referral sources how to interact with them. Here's what 99% of the sales calls in the industry sound like... Rep: Hey Sally! Great seeing you. Did you have a good weekend? Referral Source (Sally) -

You Missed It! (but not to worry)

If you were not part of yesterday's kickoff to our 10 Week Home Care Marketing Accelerator program, you should have been! We have a great group of hospice, home health, and private duty agencies about to dominate their markets......are you one of them? If not, don't can STILL join the class until March 6, 2018 and have the opportunity to catch up. We record every session and distribute the replay links to attendees within an hour of the conclusion of that week's webinar. So...if you're ready to dominate, sign up today! Here's a bit of what you can expect: If you need a bit more time, we just announce our next class (officially, class #7) start date as of March 28th, 2018. You ca

Free Recruiting Webinar

CNAs and Referrals go together like peas and carrots....or at least they should! Join my friends at and me this Thursday at 2pm EST for a valuable webinar packed full of tips on attracting, recruiting, hiring, and succeeding with the best CNAs and Marketing Reps in the homecare industry. REGISTER TODAY FOR THIS FREE WEBINAR: Winning in 2018: Ten Recruitment & Sales Trends To Take Action On Now You'll learn where to find great CNAs and Marketing Reps, How to properly interview them, how to decide who merely looks good versus who really IS good and much more! Take advantage of this free opportunity to learn from the leading CNA recruiting and placement firm in the country and pol

Monday Marketing Must Do #14

8am: Read this newsletter 8:15am: Go Pro 14 weeks in. I am expecting to see significant growth in many of your accounts. All you have had to do to achieve that is follow the process that I've laid out for you. It's been simple, but not easy....selling post acute care is never easy. So...are you achieving significant growth? If so, I'm thrilled for you....that's what we're here for. I'm a fan of you, and will keep cheering. If not, we need to talk. You need some additional help. If after 14 weeks of fine tuning your selling strategy and sales plan you have not made significant progress there are 3 variables to consider... 1. It's impossible for any agency to grow in your market (this actually

Monday Marketing Must Do #13

8am - Read this newsletter 8:15am - Decide to stop avoiding the hard conversations. Welcome to lucky week #13! I've been holding this one in reserve until we hit a very lucky number...and today, we have. This week I want you to focus on a performance enhancement called Worst First. That is, each day and week pick the worst (read: toughest, most challenging, most unpleasant) thing you have to do and put it at the top of your daily plan. There are calls and people you've been avoiding, and that stops this week. Why? 2 simple reasons.... 1. Facing these situations and conversations head on will make you a stronger salesperson, able to deal effectively with difficult situations. 2. Having these

Monday Marketing Must Do #12

8:am - Read this newsletter 8:15am - Gather your results from the past 2 months 8:30am - Smile (hopefully) It's week #12....and this is a great time to review the results you've achieved by following our program over the past few months. If you have been following along for all 12 weeks here is what I would expect to see from each of you: 1. You are following a structured sales strategy 2. You are spending most of your time in accounts that have significant referral potential 3. You are walking into each sales call with a plan and an outcome in mind 4. Your business has grown 20-25% are you doing? I'm hopeful that your answer is "I'm doing everything you wrote about Michael, I'm mo

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