Monday Marketing Must Do #11

Monday 8am - Read this newsletter Monday 8:30am - Grab your calendar Welcome to the MMMD #11. I hope you have all been following along on our step by step guide to more referrals, higher census, and explosive business growth. 2 weeks ago you determined 3 things that each of your referral sources needed to know about your agency, in order of priority. Last week you set a growth goal for each of the key referral sources on your list. This week, we stand at the intersection of those two activities. Now is the time to begin proactively scheduling your sales calls based upon the "selling messages" from 2 weeks ago, and the growth goal from last week. Here's what to do: 1. Get your calendar (no, n

Count Your PSCs

How many PSCs are you having? 5? 3 each day? 12? None? Ok, to be fair....I've got to tell you what PSCs are before you can answer that. PSCs are Productive Sales Conversations. Let's define: Productive Sales Conversation: A sales conversation in which progress is made toward the sale (or referral) based upon specific and measurable criteria. In order to be designated a true PSC, the conversation must have a preplanned topic, execution of said topic, and a measurable result towards the ultimate goal. Simple....right? Now, how many PSCs are you having per week? Got your answer? double them. Right away, this week. What we know from years of training and coaching post acute sales reps

Monday Marketing Must Do #10

8:am - Read this newsletter 8:15am - Set goals Congrats on last week's activity.....if you made your first "planned" sales calls, I trust they went well. It's quite a confidence booster showing up at the front door of a referral source and knowing exactly what you want to say. Now....we have to understand exactly what we want to achieve. This week is time to set account specific goals for each of the key accounts on your list. This will demand that you pull referral history for the past 6 months from each of these accounts to see where you currently stand with them. Are you averaging 2-3 referrals per month? If so, your goal is stabilize at 3 per month...and then begin working on the 4th ref

Monday Marketing Must Do #9

8am - Read this newsletter 8:05am - What was your decision? If you chose "Be A Marketer" I congratulate you on your choice...truly. Having clarity about your career is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, I'm not able to help you. The fine points of post acute "marketing" are lost on me. I'm a sales guy. So....all marketers should go here. If you chose "Be A Salesperson"....continue reading. WE GOOFED! - I meant to have a reminder newsletter out last Friday letting you know that it was the final day for early registration for our Advanced Behavioral Selling Seminar in Dallas, TX on February 1. We didn't get that newsletter out on time, so we're holding early registration prices ($299 per attend

Why Not Save $100?

Our industry leading Advanced Behavioral Sales training for post acute providers is coming to Dallas, TX on Feb 1st and Jan 12 is the final day for early registration. At $299, this advanced training with a money back guarantee is a why not steal some seats now? Pricing goes up to $399 per person for the event on 1/13 so save some cash and treat your team to the most insightful and powerful day of sales training that the industry has to offer. Register TODAY You can also find out more about our upcoming sessions in Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale here.

Monday Marketing Must Do #8

Monday 8am - Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am - Decision Day That's is D-Day. Today is the day you make a critical decision about the rest of your year, and probably....the rest of your career. There are two types of people in the post acute business development world. You are one of them. Here are your options: 1. Marketer 2. Sales Professional That's it. Now, how do you identify which one you are? If you spend more than 20% of your time on the following activities, you are a marketer - Attending health fairs - Attending networking events that take place during business hours - Doing breakfast and lunch "inservices" - Making visits to referrals sources and staff to "say hi

Have You Earned It?

On a coaching call yesterday, I found myself asking my client a compelling question... "Have you earned the right in each of your key referral sources to ask for referrals?" Think about that for a moment. The question wasn't "can you get referrals?" or "will they give you referrals?" was much more basic, yet important. Have we done everything we need to in order to earn the right to ask for referrals, and possibly get them? What must you do to earn the right? 1. Properly qualify each account so you understand their needs and wants 2. Understand how your agency/facility can meet or exceed those needs or wants 3. Explain to them your ability to meet or exceed those needs or wants That's i

Monday Marketing Must Do #7

Happy New Year! I hope you had an enjoyable holiday season with friends and it's time to get back to work. Monday 8am - Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am - Find the "Holes" Last week, many of you spent time requalifying your key accounts. You would have asked some important questions about who they are referring to, why, how often, what they want to see from your agency, etc. Now that you have that info, your job this week is to figure out what each referral source on your list knows about your agency (and you must be sure they actually know and remember it) and more importantly, what they DON'T know that they should. In essence, you want to figure out where the knowledge gap

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