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We've just launched our new online Sales Training Assessment. If you'd like a free, no obligation quote that is specific to your agency, your needs, and your team, simply fill out the online form and we'll get a custom quote back to you in 48 hours or less. We make succeeding in sales easy....and now so is getting a proposal! Fill out the form today to get your custom quote

Monday Marketing Must Do #6

Tuesday 8am: Read this newsletter Tuesday 8:30am: Question...Everything.. Welcome back gang! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and got some time to recharge your batteries. This is a HUGE week in the future of your sales career so let's get right to it. This week your referral sources will be in a state of PHB (post holiday bliss). After a stressful event like the huge Christmas holiday, many people will be back to work, but glad the holiday and all of the accompanying tasks to be done are over. Their mind will be relaxed for the first time in weeks. Their workload might even be a bit lighter during this week. All of these things create a perfect PHB storm that you can make good u

A Team Without A Quarterback?

I had a coaching call with a client today. He recounted how he had done an inservice presentation on Friday afternoon to a number of referral decision makers. Since I didn't know about this inservice (and it was a last minute thing he scheduled) we didn't get to discuss and plan for it in advance. Now don't get me went least as far as the "normal" inservice procedure goes. What didn't happen, is he didn't walk out with referrals in hand....but he could have. He didn't give his audience direction on what he wanted them to be thinking about and doing at the conclusion of his presentation....which he should have. He didn't make them take action on that day....which, with

Monday Marketing Must Do #5

Welcome to the weekly Monday Marketing Must Do #5. Ready? 8am - Read this newsletter 8:30am - Get your holiday cheer on! This is IT! For those of you who love the social aspect of home care marketing, your week has arrived. For 51 weeks of each year we preach professional selling, asking for the referral, no food or gifts....this week the rules are turned upside down. You have reached the stage (as of last Friday) of referral source mental non absorption. That is, this week you will do no educational selling. Nothing you say or present of an educational nature is going to be membered this close to the save it until January. This week is your chance to say a sincere "Thank You"

More 10 Week Webinar Success

I can't stop bragging on my clients.....because they consistently prove how well professional selling in the homecare industry works. You say no one will ever refer directly to your private duty company? Eh.....not so this. "Hi Michael, Didn't want to wait until January to share this with you. We have a CCRC community that has been increasing referrals slowly over the last 5 months. After I re visited to qualify this account with the process you taught referrals ticked up but not consistently. She was still only committed to handing out our brochures but not recommending us as her preferred agency regardless of my brief meetings and 24 hour follow up with her after successful


Illinois has a problem.....but, your state does too. It's called fraud and it robs many millions of dollars from our Medicare and Medicaid system.....and ultimately robs needy and deserving people of the care they need. This article from Home Health Care News ( spells out the over 100 million dollars of fraudulent billing in Illinois: To imagine the problem only exists in IL is shortsighted. In every state I've ever been in, liaisons recount tales of underhanded doings to generate referrals from various competitors. The list of inducements is endless but includes cash, dinners, sport

Save Some Holiday Cash!

Would you like to get great sales training AND save some holiday cash? Register for our Home Care Marketing Accelerator 10 week webinar program beginning January 3rd and save $50 by using the code DEC50. You need to hurry because this offer is ONLY available to readers of this blog and ONLY valid for registrations through Friday 12/15. Give me 10 weeks and I'll give you a professional, well trained sales staff that beats the competition every time and gets more business! Save today.....Happy Holidays!

Monday Marketing Must Do #4

Monday 8am - Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am - Commit! This week's "must do" is one you will hear at different times throughout the year. Today is a day for you to commit to one key thing in EVERY sales ask for the referral. I ask this question at every seminar I've ever done. "How many people in this room ask for a referral at EVERY sales call they make....every call, every single time?" When I ask that way, no one raises their hand. While I won't go into a long diatribe on why you MUST ask for referrals every time (since you should already realize this), I will say there is no other purpose for your marketing efforts other than to generate referrals for patients in need of yo

10 Week Webinar Success!

Here is a testimonial from one of our current Home Care Marketing Accelerator 10 Week Webinar participants. If you do the work, you get the business! Congrats Trisha! "Hi Michael, I recently called you outside of the class time to discuss the benefit or harm of me doing our marketing at a previous employer of mine. After we decided I had nothing to lose I spent a good amount of time gathering my qualifying info in this CCRC community in Northern Va. Last week in all the areas of the campus. Today we got a call with our first referral -12h/day and I will be revisiting tomorrow to follow up on how the start of services are going and ask for that next referral. I just wanted to share that with

Monday Marketing Must Do #3

Welcome to week #3 of your marketing transformation. Are you ready for this week's Must Do? 8am - Read this newsletter 8:30am - Grab your calendar. This week is the key week to review the month of December with your key referral sources. Start today and visit each of them this week. What we want is to compare notes on upcoming scheduling, time off, anticipated staffing challenges, etc. This is your opportunity to get in front of the curve when it comes to providing great customer service during a challenging time of year. Your referral sources will have some time off for the's imperative you know: 1. How long? 2. Who is your key contact in their absence? 3. What their expected

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