December 15 Is Looming...

What's the significance of December 15, 2017? This year, that's the day that all of our clients target as the final "pay attention" day for their referral sources. That is, that's the last day you should do any real selling or educating before people go into their holiday fog and won't remember a thing you've told them. After Dec 15, you're better off coordinating referrals, spreading thank you's and holiday cheer, and generally being available to help your key referral sources. As far as real selling or education goes, save it for January when your best referral partners will once again be listening and attentive. So, as of today that leaves you with just less than 7 weeks of real selling.

Homecare Needs Closers

The homecare industry desperately needs closers....apply within. Why? Is it because: Because closers close the "sale" Because closers "get the referral" Because closers "get the business" Because closers "generate revenue" Sure....if that helps you sleep at night. The reason we really need closers is simple.... The "sale", the "referral", the "business", and "revenue" are really one thing......a spectacular human life that needs to be cared for in the way only the homecare industry can do. Don't be offended by those terms because they all represent the opportunity to dramatically change (or even save) the life of a patient or client. Let the President or CEO revel in the increased "business"

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