Circle Back

How long do you pay attention to TV commercials? Not very long...right? You may have seen a rash of back to back local TV commercials lately.....which is an advertiser's attempt to "cement" their message into your mind. You see a commercial for a local furniture store for 30 seconds, then as soon as it ends the exact same commercial comes on again. That is the advertisers "insurance" that you at least heard their message and their call to action. In our modern world of force fed media on every device we own, advertisers have to get creative to be heard above the din. So do you.... In today's world of force fed home care marketing.....your message is being lost...but it doesn't have to. You c

Who's Being Rejected?

Rejection in sales doesn't feel good...does it? Some reps go so far out of their way to avoid rejection that they never even asking closing questions....because if you never ask, they can't say no...right? Wrong...if you don't ask, then you have guaranteed a no...but that's another story. Back to the original question....why does rejection feel bad? Most times, it's because the sales rep takes the rejection personally. When I say "no" to you, you believe I'm saying no to "you". Most times...that's not true. Think about it this way.....if a guy approached an engaged or married woman and asked for a date, she would probably say "no". Now, you might consider (if you were the guy doing the askin

Something Every Hospice Agency Knows

Hospice is a wonderful benefit......providing care and comfort to those with life limiting illnesses. Too often, hospice is only employed in the last days of the attached article from our friends at Home Healthcare News and study by Yale University shows. Don't wait for Physicians or other referral sources to change that.....they won't. The people who are empowered to get patients the benefit of hospice care earlier in their diagnosis are the ones reading this blog. YOU are the people who can work with referral sources so they understand the need for an earlier introduction to the benefit. If you don't, are you sure someone else will? These are the times when you understand....thi

Break Out Of Sales Jail

I've talked to 3 sales reps recently that had put themselves in what I'll call "Sales Jail" with certain accounts. The fascinating thing was....they did it to themselves, and didn't require their accounts to lock the door and throw away the key! What is Sales Jail? It's the set of activities you take when you have had a service issue with a particular account, or you are so new in the relationship you don't want to do anything that remotely resembles "selling" so as not to upset your referral source. You do everything except "sell" in the name of "building the relationship". Huh? What do you think THEY think you're there for? Sure, you may have service issues that need to be remedied, and yo

No More Excuses

Kids back in school? - Check Elective surgeries being scheduled? - Check Doctors done with summer vacations? - Check Referral source's minds back on the job at hand? - Check It's time folks....there are no more excuses. We rang the warning bell a few weeks ago...but if you missed it, it's go time. You must ramp up your selling efforts starting today. If you don't, your competition is that much farther ahead of you. There truly is no reason for an agency to be slow in the fall.....all of the home care stars are in alignment for you, and there are more patients in need at this time of just have to go out and get them. Tomorrow starts Week #2 of our Home Care Marketing Accelerator c

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