A Perfect 10?

I do a lot of interviewing of sales candidates for my clients.....in an effort to help them make better hires, and to better understand how to propel the candidates they do hire to success more quickly. Recently I interviewed a candidate that presented well, had a solid behavioral assessment that pointed toward the ability to succeed in the sales role they were being interviewed for, and was experienced in the role. There were some challenges in the interview, but nothing that a good sales manager could not coach a rep up on. The one overriding issue that I couldn't get past was.....there didn't seem to be a lot of "want" in this candidate. That is, they didn't seem to really want the job. N

Modus Operandi

What's your mode? That is, what mode is your company in? In this rapidly changing healthcare landscape you should be considering one of 3 options.... 1. Buy 2. Sell 3. Grow And that's about it. Why? With reimbursement shrinking for Medicare providers, hospice providers getting squeezed by large national competitors, and the explosion of competition in the private duty world....standing pat means you are contracting. Many of my clients have seen this over the past 3 years.....what once was easy to achieve (revenue) is now difficult. Year over year revenue growth is more difficult than ever. What to do? Buy, Sell, or Grow....simple. If you are in Buy mode, you are aggressively reaching out to

Free Sales Evaluation Tool

I've been wanting to do this for awhile, and finally got around to offering it to you. Visit the Sales Hiring Page and download the FREE Sales Behavior Evaluation Tool. This tool will help you understand the key behavioral drivers needed for a salesperson to succeed in your organization. Once you have completed the form, email it to michael@powershottraining.com and I will send you a customized report of your ideal sales behavior at no cost! The first step to hiring truly effective salespeople is to have a clear understanding of the behavioral makeup that you desire....and now, it's free to find out what that is!

Fall Ahead In Sales

How was your agency's Summer? Slow? If so, not to worry...because school is starting all over the country and the busy Fall selling season is about to begin. I've said it before...if you're not busy in the Fall, you're not trying...... So, what should you be doing right now to prepare? Here's your checklist and Fall selling survival guide... 1. Renew and refresh your contacts. While not many people change jobs during the Summer....with all of the vacations, conferences, and general apathy toward salespeople, you might have missed that your favorite social worker, ED, or case manager is missing. Right now is the time to get in front of all of your key accounts and make sure of who is doing wh

10 Weeks For Everyone!

The results from our 10 week LIVE guided sales training webinar series were so impressive, we're doing it again! This time, we're opening the class up to home health, private duty, DME, and hospice companies. If your sales team needs focus, strategy and results....we've got them! No airfare, no hotels, no lousy airport food. Michael G brings the training every week for 10 weeks LIVE right to your office computer via our webinar platform. Ask questions, share successes, get the RIGHT strategy to get MORE business! This class starts on August 30th....so you must read more about the program and register your offices now! If you miss a week, no worries....we record and upload every webinar...and

Trust In The Process

Here is a recent testimonial from one of the attendees of our Private Duty ZEE Franchise Sales Training Program. This was a 10 week live guided sales training program exclusively for franchise offices. The program is now available OnDemand for anyone to purchase and use. "Hey Michael: Hope you are doing well. As we started to implement some of your tools and processes, we began to see a semi explosion of referrals and admissions!! And what is significant is that we have had 2 facilities refer to us who never had before and both clients have had very good revenue. July was our highest revenue month of the year!! Thanks for the help" Guido Cubellis ABC-Seniors Your office can have results li

The Future of Home Health

Twice this week while interviewing potential sales candidates I was asked, "Michael, what do you think the future of home healthcare will look like?". What I explained to them is that the entire industry is consolidating. CMS has openly said they feel there is a surplus of providers and the continued reimbursement cutbacks and recently proposed changes to PPS methodology are going to further, and accelerate that trend. I went on to explain that the agencies that will thrive and survive are those that are positioning themselves to no longer talk about the next patient referral, but the next 100 patient referrals. That is, agencies that speak the language of ACOs and Bundled Payment Providers.

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