Lead, Follow, or....Lead

Given complete anonymity, what would your team members say about you and your leadership style? Sure....I could write 20 (or 1000) hypothetical answers here, but why waste the digital ink? The real question is...what would they say? Are they compelled to put forth their best effort each day to build your company because they deeply believe in the mission and the mission's leader? Or, are they punching a clock each day to make it to another payday? Realistically you probably have people on both ends of the spectrum....and many somewhere in between. That's natural... Or is it? Think about the companies you have worked with or purchased from that have given you the best experience.....do you th

Walk On By

I know....you believe your sales team is working on generating every single referral they can. To a point, I agree....they are working on every referral they can see.....but what about the ones they can't? You probably wouldn't walk by a pile of cash lying on the sidewalk...would you? Now...what if you couldn't see the cash? You'd walk on by never knowing it was there. Behavioral Selling is exactly like that.....you get to see the referrals (and how to connect with the people making them) at an entirely new level than ever before. Behavioral Selling opens up a world of opportunity and relationships that you've been shut out of until now. Behavioral Selling is THE key to growing your business

Change, Don't Cheer

Cheerleaders are great......exciting, fun to look at, lively...... What if, as a leader, you're not much of a cheerleader? Are you doomed to have an uninspired team that underperforms? No.....no way. In fact, the cheer "leader" is one of the least effective ways to build and motivate a dedicated team for the long term. The 2 keys to unlocking your team's job satisfaction, motivation, and teamwork are simple, free, and should be used liberally. 1. Recognition 2. Appreciation RECOGNIZE your team for their contribution to the overall goal and mission. Do it in person, in writing, in any form that effectively communicates how that person has help move the needle forward. Don't save recognition f


1 Hospital 1 Day 3 Case Managers 4 Referrals 2 Admissions (one of them 24/7) 1 Pending Admission 1 Sales Rep following our Private Duty Zee Momentum Selling Methodology Are your reps getting results like these? Here's how they can.....

One A Day

During one of my client coaching calls last week, I was working with a rep who was challenged with what changes to make in order to improve her results. While we discussed several different things that might be impacting her business, none of them stood out as being huge influences. Agreeing that there were no dramatic forces preventing her success I offered her the following advice. Change one thing each day that you would normally do....for something else that could improve your sales results. Change only one thing...and then audit whether it worked or not. If so, leave that change in place, if not...go back to what you were originally doing and change something else the next day. Pretty s

The Answer You've Been Waiting For...

For my many clients and readers who have asked "How does that rep (or agency) get away with doing those things to generate referrals?", my answer has been "They won't....not for very long anyway." Please read the story below by Elizabeth Hogue for details on the Yates Memo and what it might mean for individuals who are attempting to do business outside of the rules in the home care industry. If you have questions about this article, please contact Elizabeth at (877) 871-4062 ElizabethHogue@ElizabethHogue.net If you have questions about how to mount a professional, LEGAL sales effort, please call us at 877-798-2530 or email michaelg@powershottraining.com Yates....or perhaps, Yikes! The so-ca

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