Limited Liability

Did you ever ask someone to marry you the very first time you met them? Probably not....but if you did, how did it work out? I'll assume in most cases it didn't. Why? There is too much risk in agreeing to such a commitment with someone you don't even know. Ever ask a referral source to refer to you on the very first visit? How did it work out? I'll assume in most cases it didn't (even if they said they would) because there is too much risk in agreeing to such a commitment with someone you don't even know. Understand? When approaching new or skittish (as in, a referral source you've had a service failure with) referral sources, you MUST limit the potential liability on their side or you'll wi

Selling To Trump

Simple Question: Would you sell to Donald Trump the same way you would sell to Mother Teresa? Of course you wouldn't. Trump's "right now" behavioral style would force you to cut quickly to the pertinent facts as quickly as possible and go for the close early in the process. Mother Teresa's calm, caring behavior would mean you would take more time to build a relationship with the person before attempting to consummate the sale. The differences are so stark it's easy to see....and decide how to approach each prospect. Regrettably, you or your sales team IS selling the exact same way to the Trumps and Mother Teresas on your prospect list because the outward differences are not as

Sudden Impact

I was speaking to a home care agency owner last week about sales compensation. When we got to the point of "how to figure out commission" I stated (as I always have) that immediacy is the key to getting great sales performance. That is, the rep should know in real time how what they just did (admission, etc) affects their compensation. If they have to wait until after the month or quarter is over, the immediacy of the action is gone....and provides little motivation to do it again. Once you lose the connection of "I did this and earned this" you have a comp plan that is not very motivating. This goes for all other areas of your business as well. We know that employees stay at their jobs past

Snake Rules

I've been using DISC type behavioral assessments since founding Power Shot Training back in 2006. During that time I've administered and/or evaluated thousands of assessments. In the many training sessions I've done to help people understand the 4 key primary behaviors, I've used different analogies to paint a picture....but this morning I came up with one while out on my run that should cement the image for you, and help you understand your primary behavior. Let's have a little fun with this one and remember.....we're painting a picture of each behavioral style's extreme behavior....just to get the point across. Let's assume you come upon this Diamondback Rattlesnake while running or walkin

Great Day Of Sales Training

The Calm Before The Sales Storm We had a wonderful day of sales training at our Momentum Selling For Homecare session in Seal Beach, CA on April 28th. Registration filled up the evening before the session and we had home health, hospice, and private duty agencies from all over California in attendance. Rather than me telling you how it is what some participants said... "Hi Michael, Thank you for allowing me to participate on Friday. What you do to help these sales professionals is incredible. I wish I would have had a program like this when I was in the DME world." Gerry Townzen Account Executive PlayMaker CRM | An Inc. 500 Company "Michael, Thank you for giving such an informat

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