Great Sales Reps Do This Monday Morning...

Would you like a concrete measure to know if you have a great sales rep on your team? It's easy...and it takes place every Monday morning. They open up their calendar and it is at least 50% full with preset appointments and strategic sales calls. Great sales rep know that sales don't simply "happen"....sales are a result of a plan and of strategy. If your rep opens up their calendar on Monday morning and you hear crickets, they need some help understanding how to do strategic account planning, and how to manage their time. The reps who best plan their time (in advance) and their strategy are the ones that always win in the long term. Now you might ask....why not 100% full? Well, that is a po

Sales Reps Got You Down?

If managing your sales reps has you down, we have a lift for you! Our new Sales Management Made Easy(er) is a 5 hour, on demand video training program designed exclusively for agency owners, sales managers, administrators, or anyone charged with managing sales reps. Michael Giudicissi has taken his 16 years of sales management and consulting experience in the home care industry and put it into this program to give you ALL of the tools you need to help your team succeed! You'll learn: 1. How to become a data driven sales manager 2. What are the key metrics for a manager to be paying attention to 3. How to set up effective coaching meetings with your sales reps 4. How to grade your sales reps

Calling All Private Duty Franchisees!

How does 10 weeks to more clients and more revenue sound? If it sounds good to you, then you'll want to check out our new Private Duty Zee 10 week live webinar sales training program. This is the best way to get live, guided sales training over a 10 week period for you and anyone in your office. The next 10 week semester begins on April 27. Get all of the info and register right here. In our last class, one franchise office picked up 26 new clients in one sales call.....maybe you'll be the one to beat the record and get 27!

Stability Rules

To run a successful company, there are 2 key items that must be in place and cannot be ignored: 1. You have to hire the right people for the job, and that fit the into the culture of your company. 2. You have to keep these people in place for as long as possible. After you've achieved these 2 goals, all of the rest of your business plan and model can be much more easily accomplished. As an expert behavioral interviewer, and a hiring manager myself I see candidate after candidate resume come across my desk with work histories that show multiple jobs with tenures of 6-18 months. Needless to say, this doesn't inspire a lot of confidence when you are looking for a long term fit for an important

Don't Make Another Sales Hiring Mistake!

We've seen it time and again....that "can't miss" sales hire that is joining your team and is going to dramatically increase your census and revenue. And then............crickets. Since publishing my white paper "What I've Learned From 1000 Sales Interviews", I've been talking to hiring managers around the country. The mistakes that are made in the sales hiring process are simple to spot, and easy to fix if you know how. With the support of the Private Care Association, now you can know how too. Join me on May 25th at 2pm EDT for a webinar "What I Learned From 1000 Sales Interviews" sponsored by The Private Care Association ( I'll review the 5 keys to successful sales hi

Here's Why No One Can Ignore Hospital Readmission Rates....

Hospitals penalized for excessive readmissions - 2,597 2017 Medicare payment penalties - $528 million dollars (yes, that's a half a billion dollars) Number of hospital discharges with an adverse event within 30 days of discharge - 1 in 5 If your agency exists within the private duty industry, you may have taken only a passing interest, or worse yet, a hands off approach to readmission reduction. Half a billion dollars (and counting) says you need to rethink that position. Skilled home health can only do so much. With an average of 3 visits per week (all disciplines) with maybe an hour per visit...that totals 3 of the 168 hours that exist in a 7 day week. That leaves 165 hours where a patient

2 For 1 Sales Calls

How would you like to double your efforts, and possibly your success, in about the same time you spend in your sales calls now? Sound good? Then, you want to start 2 For 1 Selling right away! What is 2 For 1 Selling? Simple, it's a technique that has you plan 2 outcomes for every sales call (usually with 2 separate people) so you walk away from the call with double the value. Let's face it, you get small slices of time in front of your referral sources....sometimes measured in single digit each sales call. If you add up all that selling time each day, it probably measures well less than an hour. If you can maximize your results and outcomes in each call, you stand the chance to

1000 Interviews White Paper

How would you like an inside look at the 1000 (give or take) sales interviews I've done over the past 16 years? By combining behavioral interview techniques with the online assessment we use, you may be surprised by what I've discovered. Download and read the white paper here

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