Sales is Science, Not Art (mostly)

This week, I'll put on the first of 5 free sales training seminars for 2017. I've recounted several times my reasons for putting these sessions on free of I won't waste your time with a recap here. Sales is a very small part art, and a very large part science. You have probably met people in your life and career that seemed to be a "natural" salesperson. I've met them too.... While they are born with the "art" part of sales.....people like that, without proper training and guidance, quickly stall in their career and results. Sure, there is the outlier or two...but without a solid plan on how to approach and succeed at sales, most of those people's sales "gift" will wear thin qui

Playmaker CRM Signs On As Sponsor!

I'm thrilled to announce that Playmaker CRM ( has signed on as a sponsor of our FREE Momentum Selling Seminar in Seal Beach, CA on April 28th. Playmaker is the industry standard CRM for homecare as well as the entire post acute industry. As I've said before, if you are a professional sales organization that is not using CRM, you are not a professional sales organization. You'll be able to meet the fine folks at Playmaker CRM as well as get a demo at the Seal Beach seminar. If you haven't registered, NOW is the time as we're more than 50% full. Register right now, right here. If you are in the Houston, TX area our first FREE program is next Friday March 31st. You can brin

26 Referrals In One Sales Call

Yep.....I just got off the phone with one of my private duty franchise coaching clients. We had just spoken this morning and I was thanking him for his hard work and concerted selling effort. He is a shining example for the rest of his system of 250+ offices. He called to let me know that he just picked up 26 new clients in ONE sales call! I kid you not..... This was an opportunity that almost any other agency in his area could have seen....but they didn't. He worked the plan and uncovered a big group of people that needed help. That is an all time record in one call for any of my clients.....the previous record of 14 referrals in one sales call has stood for years. I'm going to have to buy

One on One...

How much one on one time do you spend with each member of your sales team? If the answer is "not much" you might want to reconsider. One of our primary functions is to serve as "personal sales coaches" to the reps we are hired to mentor. That is, we work one on one with each rep, each week...generally for an hour or more. The focus achieved in these meetings, and the strategy that comes from them are the key drivers to sales success. Why? In your general sales meeting (you're having those....right?) you impart information and training that should be of interest and benefit to the entire team. It's kind of like shaking salt over your entire dinner plate....some of the food needs it, but some

Coaching Case Study

Recently I've been called on to do a number of interviews for sales candidates for my clients around the country. Actually, I cannot remember a time when I've done more interviews in the same time either more people are moving jobs, or more agencies are poised for growth and looking to add to their sales teams. My interviewing is solely based on the candidates behavior....not their experience. Don't get me wrong...their experience is vitally important, but I leave that to the hiring manager to assess. We use a tool call the Extended DISC Behavioral Assessment in order to measure the sales candidates behavior, and to guide us during the interview process. I have been certified to

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