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I had several meetings with industry software vendors this week, discussing varying levels of partnership. In every meeting, the question of "Why do so many agencies struggle with growth?" came up. The answer is simple: 1. The staggering amount of competition that exists in all disciplines of home care 2. The generally poor hiring practices of "marketing" staff 3. The almost universal lack of proper training and support early in the "marketers" career. So, after a couple of days of reflection I've decided to do something historic about #3. I'll be offering my industry standard Momentum Selling Seminars absolutely free for all of 2017. Yes....that's As in, no cost to attend. W

Momentum Selling and Savii Care

Yesterday was our first of 3 webinars in the Momentum Selling course sponsored by Savii Care ( While we had a couple of technical of them being we had more people register than the system could handle....I was pleased with the interaction and questions that came out of the program. The 2nd session will be on March 23rd at 3pm can find out more details and register at Savii's website. The key for any of these sales training sessions is much like putting on a pair of Nike' MUST Just Do It! Action breeds progress and from progress comes success. I've been asked many times during my sales training career...."Michael, what is the secret of s

POWERup Sales Tip #2

Michael Giudicissi show you how to allocate your time properly based upon account opportunity. Use your time wisely and watch your referrals grow quickly!

Power Shot Training In The News

One of our latest partnerships with Savii Care is featured in this article from Tim Rowen's Home Care Technology Report.

Free Momentum Selling Webinar Series hosted by Savii Care

Your agency wants to grow....but in this increasingly competitive industry you are struggling with how.... Savii Care ( and Power Shot Training are flying in to the rescue! Join the Momentum Selling Webinar 3 part series hosted by Savii starting on February 23rd. Michael Giudicissi of PST will give you all the tips and strategy you need to market and sell more professionally in this series. Registration is free but you must sign up in advance. Register. Learn. Do. Grow See you on the 23rd!

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